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The Dark Side of Digital Distribution
How game developers are cheated out of millions of dollars, and steps they can take to protect themselves, Many developers began to speak out about the site’s shady activities, which in turn helped to raise general consciousness about the problem of key reselling across the industry. Developers have known about the practice for years, but it’s still shocking to consider that many people still don’t know about (or perhaps don’t care about) this practice and how it can hurt developers. Although the noise (and headlines) around this issue has died down, it’s worth revisiting the topic again because the problem certainly hasn’t disappeared. Let’s start by examining the nature of digital keys: what they are, and how they are used.
8 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office
1. Identify What You Need.
2. Choose a Dedicated Area
3. Consider the Light
4. Use a Dedicated Phone
5. Incorporate a Standing Desk
6. Set Aside a Place for Gadgets
7. Separate the Professional From the Personal
8. Have a Way to Keep Time
How to get the most from Self Learning !
We’ve all been there. We read or watch something, we learn something new and think to ourselves that we will practice it straight away. Soon we are lost at the next click to another blog or vid and another new thing to learn or practice.There is so much information out there, it’s hard to sift through and separate the wheat from the chaff. This article will give you ideas on how to go deep into learning something. It will help you by providing a process for learning a new skill on your own. It won’t give you hacks on speed reading or how to read 100 books a year. It will give you actions to be proactive in your own learning journey.
Can You Plan for a Stock Market Crash?
Could you have planned for this? Investors of all ages are thinking it: could I have done anything to protect my investments from the swift market decline as a result of the COVID-19 fallout? This question is especially relevant for individuals who planned to retire in the next year, as the current economic climate and stock market conditions have likely forced you to second-guess your plans.
How to Develop an E-Commerce Mobile App
Come up with the app idea, List down the essential app features, Start eCommerce app design, Incorporate app templates for faster development, Write backend code, Write frontend code, Obtain initial user feedback, Perform SEO for your app, Perform e-commerce app promotion, Publish your eCommerce app
Progressive Web Apps and their Advantages
In order to bring about the native app-like experience for the users within cross-platform web applications, Progressive Web Apps are used. These web applications use evolving web browser features and APIs together with classical progressive enhancement strategies. PWAs are effective design patterns, although they do not follow a standard or formal structure. They can be considered similar to AJAX or other similar patterns that involve a set of application parameters, including the usage of definite web techniques and technologies. Here we will talk about their features and their advantages.