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Ola Rogndokken (CEO @ DvNor)
The team OZOTEA are the top notch in their field. They amazed us with their approach and ideas combined with our ideas on our initial discussions. They showed us many draft layouts, rebuilt the ideas based on our input, and combined our ideas with their professionalism to create exactly what we were looking for. We would recommend working with them to everyone, for their creativity and talent, but also their approach to their clients. They are best not only in terms of delivering products but they provide very interactive working environment.
Grand Hjemmebio
Great team to work , attentive and react to request immediately . Excellent work and results so far. We have been working with OZOTEA for sometime now, they are by far the best team we have ever worked with.
Working with OZOTEA is a pleasure , Their communication is not only professional and courteous, they try every possible ways to understand our requirement and put their every effort in development over the years and deliver the best beyond our expectations. Interacting with the director of the company is a pleasure, he is very friendly not with the clients also with the employees as well. We strongly recommend companies to work with OZOTEA when it comes to get the best out of little .
Must say working with OZOTEA & with its team has been a pleasure. I highly recommend this company for the ones looking for best to be delivered especially in the field of mobile development. We have been very happy with their work to date and recommend them highly. Thanks for the good job guys.